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Micodin 08-08-2020 07:50 AM

DJ Thigs
“A quarter droppin', going shoppin', buyin' wigs
Surgeon general, cut professor, DJ Thigs.”

“Our main goal(lyrically) was really just to crack each other up. DJ Thiggs wasn’t an actual DJ; he was just some guy that DJ Run knew. Run would always tell us that Thiggs would be a great DJ if he were a DJ, so we name-checked him, sight-unseen. Turns out he couldn’t spin, really, at all—which made the whole thing funnier to us. The whole song was like that, just whatever crazy shit we came up with.” Michael Diamond, Beastie Boys Book pg. 196.

this cracks me up. i always wondered who Thigs was.

dust monkey 08-08-2020 01:27 PM

Re: DJ Thigs
for years i thought these bars were....

quarter droppin', going shoppin', buyin' weed
Til the sheriff caught professor, TJ Thiggs

i personally think it works both ways.

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