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ericg 11-04-2018 08:56 AM

f*** politics
yeah so politics suck.
money vs life (or nature)
we could've made earth a paradise for half the cost of all this distruction... and maybe saved lives while we were at it!!!
wtf over

ericg 11-17-2018 12:14 PM

Re: f*** politics
it's just good mathematics/ accounting and science.. wouldn't you think!?!? need another movie to spell it out for you? 'you must learn'
word to your momma.. papa.. sister and bro... every friend that you got we all got to know.. swing from left to right like to and fro dance like you mean it.. 'casper.. beau'..

ericg 11-18-2018 01:01 PM

Re: f*** politics
.. i like to rhyme everywhere i go.. even when it's cloudy rainbows go to show the silver lining up real high and way down low cocaine crew go and blow moving along.. soo...

soap on a rope
clean your scope
go to amsterdamn ... to elope

sorry that has nothing to do with politics.. how bout trump? how bout clinton? how'd you vote?
i think or would like to think that there are more independents these days cuz both parties suck.
they don't represent the people unless you're evil and think death and destruction should be normal.

ericg 11-29-2018 02:21 PM

Re: f*** politics
live off the grid to get away from politics... people who want to govern control and get rich off of me can suck it.. politics.. it's about the haves and have nots.. most have's apparently don't care or have a clue how life should be and those who don't have wherewithal ... do care.. cuz they feel it the most.. the death, the suffering, the disenfranchisement, the pain and loss, what's right and wrong, environmental ruin, and then utter greed and corruption of a government that doesn't care or want to govern itself.. shit's way out of hand. i'm in florida and i'm thinking i gotta do something with my house cuz it might be under water in 100 years..I won't be here maybe but my kids kids will.. if we make it.. big polluting biz vs ppl.. polluters taking us all the way to the bank. i see alot of good things happening too i just hope its all in time..!

ericg 12-02-2018 09:29 AM

Re: f*** politics
how bout canals bringing desalinated water across the country and other places int he world where water is needed..

and then people are f******* like3 there is no tomorrow.. it's like cash.. the more of it the less it's worth.. so please contraception ppl.. love the ones we have.

make deep places for water.. every f****** year there's flooding and droughts.. the water needs a place to go in flooding, and we need lasting water supply in drought season..

plant we can turn arid places and man made hot spots into oxygen producing forested habitats..

we won't make it off this planet until we learn how to be. who wants humans bringing war exploitation and bs to their planets..

people should know that God is holy... meaning where there is evil, it is not of God. spiritual sickness has enveloped the world..its satans domain now.. i'm not too religious but know what feels right and wrong ... and right now.. ish's sooo wrong.. and theres no sign of stopping..

soo.. an ice age?? no sun spots which will cool the earth? i hear things.. remember pbs and when alan alda narrated sayi ng that if the fresh water pools too much the thc (thermo-haline circulation) could shut down ... i dunno.. what do you guys think?

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