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Dr Deaf 05-30-2003 12:19 AM

true fucking genius


Love pasta but hate cleaning up the kitchen after dinner's done? Pasta Pro is the spill proof way to cook, drain and serve pasta in just one pot! The design of Pasta Pro's unique locking lid makes cooking a snap - when the pasta's ready simply turn the lid to the locked position, pour the water out and keep the pasta in. Pasta Pro is lightweight and can be used to whip up an endless variety of your favorite dishes. Quickly prepare yummy macaroni and cheese for the kids or delicious linguini with clam sauce for an elegant dinner. Pasta Pro can even brown sirloin beef for homemade chili - without the mess! Plus, Pasta Pro's durable, non-stick surface makes clean up a breeze.

Product includes: Pasta Pro 6-quart Pot.

BONUS: Pasta Pro 2-quart Pot, Cheese Grater, Recipe Guide

seriously, where the fuck were everyone of you on this one?

it's a pretty simple concept.

what's the matter, don't like being filthy rich?

admit YOU dropped the ball, and so and so was there to pick it up and a make a million+ dollars...

who's laughing now? not you, because you can't afford to due to a 30% laughing tax.

it looks good on you too.

good day, and try and use your fucking gray matter please.

Echewta 05-30-2003 04:01 AM

If you see a "As seen on TV" product on TV for more than three weeks, its making big bucks. That strainer thing has been on tv for months so you can do the math.
Big companies have been started and funded by one informercial product. Unreal.

HEIRESS 05-30-2003 05:21 PM

screw the strainer, its all about rainbow-brite

Odie 06-01-2003 05:18 PM

Bob 06-03-2003 11:39 AM

AskforQball 06-09-2003 08:45 AM

Straight outta Metter, GA
Michael Guido, the Sower

I actually met this guy last December, really nice dude, kinda like everybody's Grandpa

paul jones 06-22-2003 12:18 PM

paul jones 06-22-2003 12:21 PM

paul jones 06-22-2003 12:23 PM

paul jones 06-22-2003 12:24 PM

paul jones 06-22-2003 12:26 PM

paul jones 06-22-2003 12:28 PM

paul jones 06-22-2003 12:29 PM

paul jones 06-22-2003 12:30 PM

paul jones 06-22-2003 12:31 PM

Odie 06-22-2003 02:04 PM

Dusty Brain 06-26-2003 03:57 AM

This thread sucks dick

Echewta 06-30-2003 11:15 AM

paul jones 06-30-2003 11:33 AM

btowngoirish 06-30-2003 11:51 AM

Paul you are such a wanker!!

btowngoirish 06-30-2003 11:54 AM

btowngoirish 07-01-2003 04:10 AM

btowngoirish 07-01-2003 04:12 AM

btowngoirish 07-01-2003 04:20 AM

Kuzu 07-04-2003 06:09 AM

saz 07-04-2003 08:48 AM

I actually always found Captain Crunch a little creepy......and Nixon.

saz 07-04-2003 08:49 AM

Shameless marketing.

saz 07-04-2003 08:51 AM

saz 07-04-2003 08:56 AM

Kuzu 07-08-2003 07:41 AM

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