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ericg 03-11-2020 09:21 AM

hey who has flow here to build a hemp bio fuel/ electric car?
whether it be one angel or many... i've dedicated a lot of my life to it.
i'm in jax fl now i spoke with the sustainability coordinator at jacksonville university and she likes the idea of renting electric cars out to students but needs me to handle the flow part so... and yes the beastie boys website is like the last resort lol so... but hey it is what it is and maybe it should've been first. anyway, i am looking at teslas.. 5gs to take off lot..
we need a team.. whatever can be done.. when this is rich.. all who helped will be richer.. word?!?! so insurance is where i'm at too. i had an agent in seattle with kibble and prentice who managed steve case's flex car but he's no longer there. we need an accountant... laywer... what type of biz will it be? i like the idea of an ecooperative .. is that even a word? i want everyone involved to get stock in it. yes?? um dealing with college kids has its pros and cons.. maybe you can name some... but all def have solutions. not just at ju? well there are like 30 charging stations in jax now with jea but we could do more!
the latest on hemp? maybe for some political bs we may encounter but like i said, we come correct here so sooner or later.. recognize fools. building one is a whole other matter but needs to happen for.. every sake. it takes 100$ to make a vehicle biofuel ready at the manufacturing plant.
anyway, let me know your questions and quest.. i'll def be around.

ericg 03-11-2020 10:33 AM

Re: $
if it was me i'd have a tesla solar roof among other.. things ie solar paint and windows etc.., and a tesla battery to store the energy for the house and car... everyone should have this i think.

pros and cons?? what will it do to the richest 1% and... opecs economy.. aroudn the world...?

who gives a fuck, they don't.
they have more than their fair share.
but seriously i worded that wrong.. we all give a fuck when we awaken or we'd kill ourselves.

so come on people.. get some!!!

what to do?? there's so much!!!

instead of building another million dollar bomb our 18 yo kids in 'our' military did to kill real 10 yo kids learning islam in a school like bush did and worse... for so long.. and still... for among other things..(their god) guns oil and drugs ... maybe a world wide campaign to build canals from coast to coast to get water hwere it's needed might be a better thing to do??!!!

i know you motherfuckers got the fucking memo on this shit long ago but now i'm jsut getting pissed.\
but i'ma stay focusd... there's desalienating tech needed and a pipeline.. make it happen captain... oh and the military should have an MOS for this type thing maybe... a branch of the military dedicated to rebuiliding and restoring war torn places. lots more would sign up and the world would be better place yes??

ericg 03-11-2020 10:57 AM

Re: $
so instead of a wall, lets build south america up with clean water and stuff so they'd want to stay there without cartels running shit.

let's drink to and spin doctor that

ericg 03-11-2020 07:38 PM

Re: $
i wonder where the first hemp fuel station will be.. you would think i was talking about something from 1941 (like ford) but no.. here we are 20fucking20 hindsight huh???

oh and farming 6% land of the united states with hemp would supply the entire nation with clean fuel and then some.
and don't make me talk about plastic!!! hemp also makes biodegradable plastic.. like mushrooms.

ericg 03-14-2020 07:09 AM

Re: $
about the canals... maybe can do something...i'll just call matt and get that going....

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