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Default Re: Lots of rare items for sale

Originally Posted by tuc70021 View Post
Yeah. And on top of that, the vinyl singles off the album weren't very good. Just instrumentals, a capellas, and some pretty bland remixes. I would have loved to have seen some sort of maxi single of some track like Rhyme The Rhyme Well with bonus tracks of Brr Stick Em and thr other non-album cuts.
Agreed, but that being said I really liked the Triple Trouble remixes, I think even better than the original, but that's only because I was so disappointed that they used an obvious Sugar Hill Gang sample for the original. That has always been my main beef with Triple Trouble (not crazy about the hook either).

I also really liked the Just Blaze Remix of Ch-Check It out and the And then I b-side. In fact, I really enjoyed all the b-sides from TT5B. Now I'm going off on a tangent. I guess I didn't really have that many problems with singles from TT5B singles, just that I wanted more, especially after such a long hiatus.

Nothing can beat the extra goodies that came with singles from CYH and IC era though. I listen to those singles as much as the albums.
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