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No links guys, I just wanted to mention that I wore an MCA tribute shirt that I have all day, went on a long walk (3 miles, not too shabby if I say so myself) and looked at a wedding venue with my fiancÚ. Though we're not full-on Buddhists, we've decided to send out swatches of fabric with our invites and have our friends and families write blessings for our marriage on them, so we can assemble all of them into our own prayer flag of sorts. Also, we've decided to incorporate lotus flowers into our decor. Adam is the one that drove me to investigate Buddhism to begin with, one of many things he brought to my attention that would eventually elevate my mental plain.

After i post this, I'm going to meditate for 20 minutes like I pledged on Facebook, and then pack it in. What did you all do to remember Adam, however big or small that it was?
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