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imo, the way you describe him and the relationship is so...blah. like "yea, itīs ok". Maybe youīre just in a bad moment and bored though (7.5 yrs is a lot), cuz i agree, you definitely do not have to have all of the same interests, just share a few here and there and find something you can do together though, cuz if you start living two different lives itīs where heīll probably take your advice and find his "better match". the good thing is, iīm guessing you wonīt really mind.

in my experience, i think the best thing you can do is never stay quiet and say what youīre feeling, donīt wait for things to resolve on their own cuz theyīll just get worse. like the big talk you guys had, yet you donīt really seem very satisfied with the outcome.

well, thatīs the feel i get from your comment!

Originally Posted by Dorothy Wood View Post
Well, I was/am not unhappy with the relationship, but I do think there were issues going unaddressed, and we had a big talk about things. Mainly, my bf and I are independent and coexisting, rather than building an adult partnership. We are loving and supportive of each other, and have been together 7.5 yrs. I have never sought anyone else because I was honestly never attracted to anyone else, and thought I was pretty lucky to find such a nice and handsome man who loves me so much. He's just not a practical person. I don't know, we're just different people. We're working on things though. I mentioned he might have a better match out there because there are women who would probably share his interests more than I do. I told him as much, he says he doesn't care if I don't like the same things. We usually have a good time together though.

Are you supposed to be with your twin? Probably not? The crush is more similar to me, we are on the same wavelength, which is appealing, but ultimately I don't know what that means.

I think this will continue to torment me for years.

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