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Originally Posted by zippo View Post
imo, the way you describe him and the relationship is so...blah. like "yea, itīs ok". Maybe youīre just in a bad moment and bored though (7.5 yrs is a lot), cuz i agree, you definitely do not have to have all of the same interests, just share a few here and there and find something you can do together though, cuz if you start living two different lives itīs where heīll probably take your advice and find his "better match". the good thing is, iīm guessing you wonīt really mind.

in my experience, i think the best thing you can do is never stay quiet and say what youīre feeling, donīt wait for things to resolve on their own cuz theyīll just get worse. like the big talk you guys had, yet you donīt really seem very satisfied with the outcome.

well, thatīs the feel i get from your comment!
Ha, well...I don't think I know anyone who is completely satisfied by their partner. I love my boyfriend, he is an awesome and talented person and we are very physically attracted to each other. We're still working on the issues from the big talk, I'm giving things a chance, he's trying, and things have been better.

It's a weird situation, I wasn't bored or looking. I changed jobs and met a human I never knew could exist. There is a natural comradery that is hard to ignore. It feels good to be understood, in a world where I feel like I'm constantly trying to explain things to people. But I don't think that feeling is enough to warrant turning everyone's life upside down.

Originally Posted by Freebasser View Post
So wait, this guy is driving around in his jeep with his cat and his television in the back and he's got his favourite music blaring away and... I think I've missed the point.

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