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Originally Posted by Dorothy Wood View Post
Ha, well...I don't think I know anyone who is completely satisfied by their partner. I love my boyfriend, he is an awesome and talented person and we are very physically attracted to each other. We're still working on the issues from the big talk, I'm giving things a chance, he's trying, and things have been better.

It's a weird situation, I wasn't bored or looking. I changed jobs and met a human I never knew could exist. There is a natural comradery that is hard to ignore. It feels good to be understood, in a world where I feel like I'm constantly trying to explain things to people. But I don't think that feeling is enough to warrant turning everyone's life upside down.
i agree, definitely there is no such thing as being 100% satisfied with your partner. you listed a lot of appealing things there between the both of you, good luck!

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i enjoy driving my compound of electropositive elements
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But where do they belong anyway?
my imaginary friend thinks you have serious problems

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