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Default Re: Favourite Beastie Boys Lyrics first post. anyway...

"I'm a funky-ass Jew and I'm on my way
And yes I got to say fuck the KKK
And oh yeah hey, how about today?
If you want to set it off then let me hear you say

Right, Right, Now, Now
What is goin' on?
We, We, Gotta, Gotta
Get it goin' on
Be, Be, Fore, Fore
It's Too Far Gone
We gotta work together, it's been too long"---Right Right Now Now

"Flame on, I'm gone
I'm so sweet like a nice bon bon
Came out rapping when I was born
Mom said rock it 'til the break of dawn"---Body Movin

"I've got the skills to pay the bills!"---Skills to Pay the Bills

"I've got the D double O, D double O style
Here we go again because it's been awhile
Do me a favor don't touch that dial
I rock from Manhattan to the Miracle Mile"---3 MCs and 1 DJ

"This isn't a game! In the real world, when you kill someone they die for real! And in the real world, you're f**ked!"

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