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Default Re: Ex-Prodigy disses Beastie Boys

The Beasties were in the wrong. don't talk as if this Parkey guys talkin shit. Reading Festival 98, Beasties asked Prodigy to drop Smack My Bitch Up from their set, and it developed from that (Prodigy said no)

The Beastie have apologised in print since then i believe, but they were in the wrong. as mr Howlett said 'i dont care who you are, no one tells me what i can and can't play'.

Beasties were one of his idols so he didn't take it too well. he's entitled to his opinion on the new album, but it means shit to me and is a shit opinion in my mind.
So thats why he has beef? What a fucking pussy. He isn't entitled to shit, hes just dissing the record because he has beef.
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