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Default Re: Ex-Prodigy disses Beastie Boys

hey intense, fair enough, you've got your (fairly angry, ever tried masturbation?) opinion. see what you mean about n.w.a. et al. but i grew out of that stuff when i was a teenager. also, no guy has the right to rubbish a woman's feelings that have been stirred up from hearing a song/watching a movie etc. even if you've experienced this kind of violence in your family/peers you can have no idea of how it feels for it to happen to yourself. as i can't. unfortunately this kind of shit still happens, maybe more so than before, but is rarely reported. i'm not saying that adam had the right to ask liam to scrap the song from their set but i do understand why. apart from it being shit, it would bring back memories of violence. i'm not just saying this coz i don't like the prodigy. in fact i've seen them live about 6 times. but their music has become electronic garbage for nu-metallers. oh, and aren't they just soooo scary. c'mon essex boys, leave off on the "we're just so shocking" shit. tattoos, dyed hair and eye-liner aren't the way. actually, marilyn manson and the prodigy, biggest "alternative" pop acts today. yes, i know i've detracted somewhat from the original post but what the hey! intense, go smoke a fatty and grow up a bit. i'll expect a reply.
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