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so this guy's car breaks down in the middle of nowhere usa and he walks till he gets to the only house for miles. a lady answers the door and listens to the guys plight but could only offer him a horse. and it was a funny horse.. the rider had to say 'thank the lord' to go and 'hallelujah' to stop. the man got on and said goodbye and 'thank the lord'... they were off. a few miles in the man slowly fell to a daze and the horse was getting faster and faster.. he woke to find there was a cliff coming up and the guy couldn't remember the word to stop. finally he yells 'hallelujah' and hte horse stops just in time at the cliff's edge. he leans back and says, 'thank the lord'... my purple haired christian school bus driver told me taht one.. fourth grade.. never forgot it. she let me use her walkman on the long ride home too. sooo blessed.

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