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Originally Posted by fucktopgirl View Post

BUllshit, if your kid is vaccinated, well he is OK. He got the immunization , right? So the only kid at risk would be mine.


Heh, don't compare me to a drunk driver, that is just the worst analogy someone could possibly choose. I don't put anyone else in danger because my kid and others are not getting this shit into their blood stream. If you kid is arm with the vaccin , if the disease come along, his/her body will recognise the disease and be OK , right?

So, i will not feel bad about my decision, not at all .
I'm sorry but this is just not true. Vaccinations can never be 100% effective - that is why it is important that everyone has them because the protection comes from achieving the Herd Immunity Threshold in a population because at this point disease cannot spread.

Did you ever heard about infant sickeness, like measle, chicken pox, the slap chee syndrome.... Thoses are disease that a kid shoud get in order to boost his/her immune system NATURALLY. They are ok to get and good for you, anyway that what doctor where saying back in the days. YOu can die of anything, death is a natural process in humanity. It happen and it is ok. We cannot live forever. But rarely i'v heard people dying of chicken pox in my life. Everybody , all my friend did have it and no big deal. Those disease are there, naturally and kids who fight it will have a stronger immune system wihtout the toxic shit in the vaccins.
Yes it is true that people die. But if you can reduce the risk of people dying young then why not do it? Natural does not equal good , medical advances have made huge improvements to peoples longevity and morbidity - to reject medical science on the grounds it is unnatural seems silly.

For example, medical technology has greatly reduced the number of women who die during childbirth - would you condemn this as unnatural?

Health needs regulation, and if you are not satisfied with the regulatory controls in place, investigate your local health regulator rather than just following some conspircy theory you read on the net.

Well, that is the main problem , there is no independant study and if one happen to exist, the report will not get main stream attention. Pharmaceutical companies spend millions every years in lobbying and getting add for their drugs and eradicating every study that will harm their business.

So, yeah, there is not a lot of data about the negative effect of vaccines because thoses are not allowed to come to life. There must be studies , independant ones, but for a simple citizen like me and you, it is hard to acces it.
Just reread what your wrote - this is a paranoid delusion. The world is not like this, we are not in the Matrix or Enemy of the State - this is the real world. What evidence do you have for this, I have never struggled to access any medical studies - for example the original study that linked MMR to Autism can be read here - in one of the worlds premier medical journals, 'The Lancet'. This study was peer reviewed and the link between MMR and autism thoroughly debunked (not least because this is a study of just 12 children). The point is the study is not covered up.

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