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Default Re: Lots of rare items for sale

Originally Posted by tuc70021 View Post
In due time... I'm seeing hipsters in the city pay $20 for freaking mix-tapes these days. I never would have thought that cassettes would make a come-back, but they are. I think cassettes might be where vinyl was in the late 90s/early 2000s (i.e. just starting to make a popular come-back). So I wouldn't doubt if the PB cassette lot sells for a pretty penny.
i put out a project last year (Get Correct still available) and the only physicals that were made were cassettes and it sold surprisingly well. in fact i'm doing it again but bigger on the project i'm currently working on. i wish i still had my yellow waterproof Sony Walkman to bump it in.

i wish i still had my old tapes. the only ones i can located is s/t Run DMC and Paul's Boutique.
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