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Default Re: beastie book (spoilers)

I finished it earlier today. What a read! I laughed out loud and giggled many many times. I choked up a couple of times (the Dave Psrsons story, and Kate's essay, and some of the obvious love the three of them have for each other)... but probably the best bit, or at least the bit I keep thinking about in the 7 or so hours since I last put it down were Adrock's thoughts on TT5B.

It's honestly really cool and refreshing for him to shit on it the way he does (while still showing it a lot of love. And I totally agree, and I think a lot of you do too, that if it had been a little grimier and a little more dubbed out/psychedelic (I forget how he phrased it exactly) it would have been more special.

I think a lot of us felt/feel exactly the same way.

and he laments Mario's non-involvement. That was nice to hear. I disagree that they sound "hesitant" on tt5b. I like that album, sometimes I think it's great, but it's always my least favorite. They do not sound hesitant at all.

I kind of wish they went more in depth of the working relationship they had w/ Mario and Matt Dyke and the Dust Bros. and Money Mark and MMM etc. I mean they do talk about all of that, but not in any real tangible "I can now sink my teeth into this relationship" kind of way. (there are great interviews and articles all over the internet from most of those people on their perspective of being part of the Bboys club. so I guess that's fine.)

But that is OK. That "Mitchell" story is fucking hilarious.

re: the fake samples and Adrock thinking nobody "got it". I'm pretty sure like 90% of the board were involved in a conversation about just that idea when the record first came out. I remember holding the vinyl sleeve and looking at the sample list in my laundry room and thinking "how have I never heard of Suped Up by Pump?" (or whatever.)

I was most bummed by how few pages were devoted to the last 4 albums, and by how little Mike was chiming in towards the end. But man, Adrock had some fucking funny shit to say. All in all, it was worth the wait and a more than decent read.

and it sucked that they didn't do a blurb about every song on every album. But I guess it's nice to see which songs stick out to them enough to write about.

I know I will be picking it up and leafing through random sections for years to come.

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