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Default Re: Why I dislike the new album

Admittedly, after the very first listen I felt a little let down for some reason. However, it has since grown on me big time as I realize the importance of their message and also their Inexhaustible tallent for innovation and humour.

Musically, they have minimalized the sound to the bare essence of early 80s hip hop drum machine driven beats, amalgamating snippets of their previous albums as well. Lyrically, they have matured just enough I thought, some songs can appear to be border-line preachy however, never cross that line, seemingly just enought to bite the ignorant and brainwashed on their arses.

Two thumbs up from me as I await their next release, which I think will not take as long this time round.


Atleast I know Russell Crowe's band's a fuckin pile of shit.

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