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Default Re: Why I dislike the new album

I like the album, but not as much as I like their other albums yet. It generally takes me a while to fully realize he genius behind albums. It took me fours years before I was able to appreciate Pink FLoyd, 5 for Sublime, 2 years for Hello Nasty. I think I just have to wait for a point at which I understand Music on some deeper level.
The reason that I am not yet impressed with the album, is also what impresses me about it.
I love the fact that they are taking a pure hip hop approach to this album, it is great to hear them delving head first into hip hop, it gives me a whole new feel for the Beasties. However I miss their instrumentals that not only showed me a new side of the beasties, but also a new side of music, that I hadn't really been exposed to.

Plus the instrumentals were wayyy cooler to listen to while lifted.


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