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Default Re: So.. who are you remixers anyway?

'tis is d fast (Harry Damm), a finnish music junkie. I collect vinyls and nes/snes games + I try to make music on the side. I recently opened up my website and right now I'm working on my first official cd release, and hopely it'll be released as vinyl some day in the distant future.

been doing music actively since 1995 or something and started really doing my own stuff during 1999 with venomous tracker softwares. right now I make music with renoise and on the side I use cubase/nuendo for more serious mixing, audio editing and basic recording.

I love funk music and anything that has a good groove to it, but I tend to listen to all sort of stuff from funk to hip-hop, downtempo, metal, drum&bass, country and basicly anything - as long as the music is good (gah, what a cliché.)

I got introduced to Beastie Boys just a few years back. of course I had heard all the hit songs playing on radio and tv, but I never really got hooked to their stuff. but now I own all their albums and I listen to them every now and then.

about my favourite beastie boys remix then... haven't really managed to listen to enough of those in order to name a favourite among them.

well... I guess that's quite about it!
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