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Default Re: Apparently now everyone is a fan

Originally Posted by 3stooges View Post
Yeah, there's a tendency of people to celebrate and glorify something to an extent once it's in the past. Especially when someone dies. I don't know if "more people like them" now, because they got to be pretty damn big at certain points in their career. But I agree that now there is more of an overall respect for them. They are looked at totally differently now of course, as pioneers, early creative innovators, legends basically. It's like the way Chuck Berry or Jerry Lee Lewis are looked at for early rock and roll. The media has a lot to do with that, how the average person can be influenced to see things in a way maybe they hadn't before.
Damn you know how to put things into words, that was my point but put in a much better way.
I agree its the music media they do influence how people think, whats cool whats not.

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