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Originally Posted by ericg View Post
facts are facts so don't pretend
got it right from the beginning, middle, and the end
I'll fill your cup till you say, 'when'
watch 'ring of power' before you say, 'amen' ( i still know what you mean)
get it straight from around the bend
.. annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd then...
e forty in the place
where i feel no disgrace
do it right please now come on and keep up the pace
whatchasaw stung like a can of mace?
already sed but it's a different taste
smelled ya come in then ya broke the vase
brought the dank diddy dank yes just in case
kgb's on my ass so then i gave them chase
they don't know what to do so i kicked it, laced
my names mc kannon i like to feel the bass
like an ephelant i feel the earth move it like i'm in great haste
ya always talkin trash, (recycle) better bring tooth paste

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