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Default Re: Beastie Boys Sign Memoir Deal

Glen E Friedman posted this news the other day on his Instagram:

Originally Posted by Glen E Friedman
Can you figure out this triptych ?
Adam was over here the other day and really wanted copies of images from this day in 1993, no scanner, he just started snapping pictures (with his iPhone) of my slides on the light table, blurry no details... and i even made a few through my lupe for fun �� see Yauch is holding onto my flash in this photo as in the one you may have seen in my MY RULES book, but this day last week, Adam and i looked though everysingle Beastie Boys photo i have ever made! Mike and he are putting the finishing touches on their story book that will be released next fall. Promises to be pretty incredible.
I thought this might make a cool friday evening post, lets see how many people even figure it out before they swipe away �� #BeastieBoys #Yauch #RipMCA #MikeD #AdRock #Vitz #gSon #atwatervillage #Flash #lupe #film #inspiration #artists #integrity #XLarge #BeastieBook #Fall2018 #editing
Now we can just wait for next fall, and hope it doesn't get further delayed!
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