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I'm new and just want to pay my respects to MCA. I have loved the Beastie Boys since they first came out in the mid 80's over here in Ireland. I am the same age as MCA and just cannot believe he is gone. Back in the 80's we had no internet of course and hardly ever saw them on tv. So we heard them played on the radio and bought the records. Their music was (and still is) so uplifting.
This past weekend i have been looking at dozens of videos on youtube, videos we never had the opportunity to watch back then. And mourning the loss of lovely, lovely Adam Yauch. (Gawd, why can't we find a cure for this scourge that is cancer?!!)

Anyway, I found this lovely tribute by a dj here in Ireland, telling about the day he spent with the boys back in 95. Thought you guys might enjoy reading it.

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