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Haaaa, funny to see this. I feel summoned here! Came here for similar reasons, though I feel like this place isn't anonymous enough anymore for details.

Are you going to tell your partner? I was reading a bit about whether or not it's good to discuss crushes when they come up. I think it's pretty common...well, according to the thousands of results when googling the issue.

The current situation just cropped'll probably pass. Lord knows I've had plenty of crushes. I realize they kinda never go away either, a lot of the dudes I've talked about over the years are still in my life as good friends. The new one is also in a committed relationship. Very unexpected connection that I think surprised us both, we got along so well on a business trip that by the end I think we both were embarrassed by it. And he just kept smiling at me and laughing at all my jokes, I felt why is this happening, I don't want this feeling! I think it may have just been an isolated situation where you are with the same people for days and nature takes over and you bond with the most viable mate. At the last lunch, we were flirting accidentally like junior high style and caught ourselves and stopped. I think it'll turn out that we just become good friends. My boyfriend is great, I don't want to ruin shit.

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