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I'm wondering why celebrity crushes are fine? Because it could never really happen?

My crush thing was very terrible for a week or so, emotionally draining, guilt-inducing. It felt very involuntary, I did not want to feel gooey feelings, but I did. I haven't seen the guy in a couple weeks due to holiday and business travel, and I pretty much just forgot about him (or at least the looping thoughts of him disappeared) so I think everything will be fine.

Life is weird. I just read through a bunch of my old crush threads, and there is one that I talked about a lot that is still somehow around. NYE, I went out alone (bf had to work, bffs out of town), I saw him at a local bar, I stayed away until I was ready to leave, then approached him...he was basically like "the timing of life sucks", acknowledging our ships passing in the night situation, and told me "I'm friends with your boyfriend now, he's a nice guy", I said "I know, that's pretty fucking weird, man". Anyway, that's a little bit of closure on that front, at least, after 11 years, for us both to be like "hey we coulda, but we didn't, life goes on".

These guys probably snore anyway.

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