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Default Re: Egg Man Accapella

Originally Posted by tuc70021 View Post
This doesn't really contribute in any meaningful way (great way to start a post), but with the recent upload of Paul's Boutique remixes by Beastie Boys, I wonder if they could be persuaded to publish a cappella tracks of some previously unreleased stuff (like Egg Man) for people to mess with at home.
itís a nice thought but theyíve promised a bunch of stuff that never came in fruition when the band was active. i doubt weíll ever see the stuff in the vault or anything else for that matter. sorry to be pessimistic but going by their track record iíve given up hope on hearing unreleased music or demos, much less them braking down old songs just to get stems and acapellas. it seems like a long shot.

iím glad i snatched all those acapellas and loose tracks when they dropped them on the board. is beastiemixes not a thing anymore?
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