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Default Re: Egg Man Accapella

Originally Posted by bigfatlove06 View Post
This is the most recent evidence that they tried to do anything with unfinished versions. Yes, they have done remasters and spread the tracks across 2 vinyls, etc... but in terms of comparing audio from the show vinyl, the instrumentals on this cassette, and the numerous bootlegs that have followed, there is no difference. It only exists on the original reel to reels, and they only have 1 of those because it was provided by a journalist doing a story on Matt Dike.
I could be mistaken, but wasn't there an instrumental version of Paul's Boutique that someone found in a thrift shop or a $1 bin or something? I'm not near my home computer now, but I know I have the rips on my hard drive.

I thought the story went: someone found an old tape in a box with no label, and when they played it, it was the instrumentals to PB. I think the question was whether this was some kind of tape that they were using to practice their demos or if it was a tape someone with access to the masters made and smuggled out. Someone even mentioned that a very skilled audio technician could - if given the right format - drop most of the vocals from a completed track.

Am I crazy or was this a thing?
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