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Default Apparently now everyone is a fan

I remember many periods in my life in England, that it was thought if you were a BEASTIE BOYS fan you were made fun of mainly by people who were really into hip hop music or mainstream straight laced people.
1. From late August 1987 the papers in England really made the public hate the Beasties and hip hop fans into groups like Public Enemy, thought the beasties were silly.
2.When Pauls Boutique came out l knew of only 5 other people who still liked them.
3. Check your head/ ill communication and they were big with the alternative crowds in grunge clubs.
4.Hello nasty and it was cool for the mainstream to like the Beastie boys again!
5. TT5B oddly they seemed popular with the young crowd cos of check it out single
6.The mix up and Hot sauce committee seemed to be popular in the music press but people i'd mix with in life did'nt mention them unless SABOTAGE came on the radio.

Now these days everyone seems to be a fan, really since MCA's death?
Was it like this in the rest of the world? Or just what l was exposed to in Hampshire,England.

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