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Default Re: Apparently now everyone is a fan

I'm in my mid 30's now and I found that among my friends growing up, that I was the only one who was a huge fan. Quite possibly, because of my huge fandom, I probably turned people off by being too overzealous and annoying. People always respected them, but I found less so with many hip-hop heads and even encountered a few people who actually hated them (but those people also worshiped Blink 182 and a lot of the pop-punk stuff that was coming out in the early 2000's (teenagers basically).
I also grew up close to the Detroit area (midwest, southwest Ontario) so most people were more about Eminem, D-12 and the stuff coming out from that era. My brother-in-law and a few people older than me were huge fans and turned me on to them, but I feel the people my age didn't really care.
That being said, who cares if people like them or not? Or if they're trying to jump on it to make themselves cool. Do you like them? If yes, then what else matters? There is also going to be new fans every year. It wasn't until Hello Nasty and the Anthology that I got bit by the Beasties bug, and I'm sure fans from the LTI days were rolling their eyes looking at me being a bandwagoner.
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