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Default Re: New Colored Vinyl Reissues


For US buyers...

1) The Bundles with the T-shirts are set to ship on September 26. If you buy a bundle without the tee you'll wait another 28 days to get yours. Kings Road Merch actually did collectors a solid for once by stating plainly " If you'd like other items to deliver sooner, please make two separate orders.*" So if you want it early, buy the tee, even if you just spent a chunk of cash to get the tee from the Beyond The Streets store. All of the bundles are limited to 2 copies per order.

2) The vinyl without the tees will be shipped on October 4. My guess is that these are part of the same original 2019 pressings, but if you wanted to be sure you could order the new vinyls without the tees, and probably get the same record.

3) The Root Down 2019 repressing is the most interesting from a collecting standpoint in that there are 3 variants pictured (red, green, and blue). You can only order 2 that would be shipped on September 26 BUT you could double down by ordering the vinyl only release and give yourself a chance at getting the 3rd color variant.

4) From a merch standpoint, there are some new items available. I would seperate them into 2 categories. Stuff that was available from Beyond The Streets that has been rebranded without the BTS info (I skipped out on these because I am not really a Merch guy), vs completely new merch. New Merch is an Ill Communication black hoodie, an Ill Communiction Grey Hoodie, a TT5B White Hoodie, an Ill Communication snap back Hat, and an Ill Communication beanie.

That's just my thoughts on the items available in the US from

I would love any help my overseas Beastie family could help me dig into what is available outside of the US.
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