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Somebody need to make a study, objective one with vaccinated kids and unvaccinated and follow them for the first 10-15 years of their lives. Just to see.
They have - 10 year study released this week shows no correlation beyond that which one would expect through randomness.


There is no link here - it is all made up.

Please do not base parental decisions on the ravings of Jenny McCarthy. She used to think her child was an Indigo Child rather than autistic ( now autism and vaccines are her new thing.
If you want to look into this matter, find an article in a peer reviewed journal (like the one above) rather than posting youtube videos of interviews with Playboy bunnies. It is not that a playboy bunny dont have a viewpoint that is as valid as anyone elses, more that in this case, Miss McCarthy does not seem to be familiar with the scientific method and has no evidence to support her wild and dangerous claims.

As I said above - all the claims of the anti-vaccinationists are really easy to look into and verify - and it turns out the whole movement is about scaremongering and lies. I would invite you to examine the evidence yourself (dont use youtube)

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