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Default Re: Life - Discovery Channel

Originally Posted by Adam View Post
Attenborough is a scientist - of sorts; he has done his time, study and research. Replacing with actors is too hollywood for my liking.

Surely americans can get over the british accent and the different way we say things? Rest of the world tolerate american sayings and spellings for ease. I know you guys here can because you're (mostly) intelligent, educated (to a standard) human (mostly) beings.

Sorry to rant, but the repackaging these brilliant pieces of television I think loses something.

Attenborough is one of my heroes, what I don't have on DVD I've downloaded his collection (about 20GB I'd guesstimate). If anyone is curious of checking out the same, PM me and I'll nudge you in the right direction.
i would prefer the brit as it makes it sound classier.

but oprah (and signory for PE) do a good enough job. they keep it rather monitone so they dont detract from what your watching. you know its them, but you get lost in their voice after a while and just hear the words instead of the voice, if that make sense.
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