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Default Re: Life - Discovery Channel

Originally Posted by Dorothy Wood View Post
Oprah is the narrator for the american version of Life. Sigourney Weaver is the narrator for the american version of Planet Earth. (although, like I said, I have the Attenborough version, so I don't know how good or bad Weaver's narration is).

I'm guessing they had americans do the american version because of pronunciation differences? or perhaps there are different terms for things? the only difference I noticed so far was that David Attenborough pronounces "glacier" as GLA-see-ay instead of GLAY-sher.
I can understand bringing in an American accent, my concern would be that celebrity narrators would bring with them a load of political backage that would require editorial changes. The various Attenborough fronted bbc series are fundamentally about evolution. Can Oprah speak about evolution without damaging her pseudoscience rep? I hope so, but also would not be surprised if the message of the programmes got changed. Hopefully I am being overly cynical.

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