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Default Re: What's this all about?

Originally Posted by gordonjr View Post
Camo bragging about being here 12 years-creepy. Fucking creeper yo. get a life, some fresh air. some sense, some compassion, a higher sense of self than the shit shovelling nonsense you spoon up here. you are so proud, so self-proclaimed cool. homie you're maaad toolish. before you open your pie hole again, ask yourself; what would yauch do? then re-swallow your bile and STFU
Gtfo and get stung by a wasp. Camo is the man, hes one of the top dogs on this board and I do not see at all why youre givin him any shit.

What would Yauch do? Yauch wouldnt talk shit to someone for being a fan on his message board for 12 years...
Welcome to the site of illest proportions.

When you've got so much to say
It's called GRATITUDE
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