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Default Re: Why I dislike the new album

Originally Posted by -=Tezza-D=-
Do you think they don't know what they are doing? like they have done it all befor and they have picked their formula for a reason. You say it's too predictable? comon a song is supposed to build an atmosphere and their delivery has no weak holes init. What they are doing with this formula is makeing songs to the point and dense and no point in the song where there is a lull , it's constant flux within a framework. The only problem I have is with some of the brilliant songs like the bruhaha and crawlsapce and tripple trouble is that I just don't want the song to end. They could of made some 4-5-6 verse songs :P... Next album we will see the full range of their skills and this album will make a whole lot more sense to alot of ppl.
what the fuck? this came from another thread i posted in.

anyways, chill pal. if it wasn't for "to the five boroughs" i wouldn't be posting 'cause i didn't know the first thing about the beastie boys before it. since purchasing it, i have purchased all the other albums and know them backwards and forwards. in my opinion, "paul's boutique" is their best cd, and part of why i like it so much is the switch offs they do. after listening to that it took away from "to the five boroughs" a little, 'cause they don't do it very much on that album. but i still love it. i'm not saying it blows or anything.

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