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Default Re: are you planning on being hot when you get old?

Originally Posted by ms.peachy View Post
I got news for you babe; you can actually... oh never mind, you probably won't believe me anyway
Nope, don't believe ya.
My sister has a daughter and she's constantly complaining about never going anywhere and blabla. It's not entirely true, because she does still go out occasionally, but then she has to be up again at 7 AM because her daughter doesn't care if mummy only got home 2 hours ago and has a bit of a hangover.

I just don't like the idea of all that responsibilty. I just want to be able to pack my bags any time I want and do whatever I feel like doing. I'll probably be one of those disgusting 'kiddults' when I'm 40.

Originally Posted by Dr. McCartney
Join me again next week on this episode of letís make no fucking sense at all when Iíll be waxing an owl.

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