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Default Re: are you planning on being hot when you get old?

i want silver hair after age 60, to go with my double wide butt i plan on acquiring at my older age. i figure if i manage to look like my grandmothers, that aint a bad deal. my mom's mom just turned 70 (and the earth shook for her on her bday) and even though she's tanned most of her life, she doesnt have leathery skin, nor is it all that wrinkly. she's probably the least wrinkly non-botoxed 70 year old i've ever seen. she's very thin though, i figure the double wide butt is what's waiting for me since im already like halfway there. my mom is a hot (almost) 50 year old. i hear the word "milf" whispered behind me every time I show someone a pic of my mom. it's... flattering... i ... guess...

i also plan on having diabetes. cause im not good at preventing the preventable.

thank you for your honesty now fuck off and die.

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Anything that covers up tits must be bad

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