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Default Re: What's this all about?

Originally Posted by camo View Post
Au contraire, quite a lot of people comment on this thread and the merriment they've gotten from it (to my complete bemusement).

Just to set this straight for your tiny mind, because I am actually shit talking you here. DJDJD randomly sent me abusive pm's for no reason whatsoever, no prompts, no connection or anything...just some pure lunacy. So I see it perfectly within my rights to bring a little comeback to the little prick.

So for you to come and bump a thread and confronting me is perfectly within reason???? There's a flaw in your thinking right there. Did you expect me to be apologetic for something I did with reason nearly four years ago?

You've been here for a month. I've been here for 12 years, please don't lecture me about what you deem this place suitable for.

To summarise. Fuck off mate.

You dont need to sit there and talk like a witty jerkoff to me, I didnt expect shit, I was just sayin, youre stoopin just as low as him by making it "amusing". I think its pathetic. Thats all. Shit talk me, Im not shit talking you. That makes you look lamer I say listen im not talking shit and you have to tell me "oh but I AM talking shit to you im awesome lawl." Shouldnt have replied to me.

"To Summarise" I shall fuck off as you ask.
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