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Default Re: What's this all about?

Originally Posted by camo View Post
You shouldn't have told me to grow up the first place. Nothing's lamer than someone calling someone out and then declaring that they're not shit talking 'em - grow some balls for crying out loud.

But anyway, thanks for the input. It's been dully noted and is currently being handled by our processing department.

I dont need to "grow some balls" for saying im not talking shit, declaring im talking shit would be lame as fuck. I'm a girl, i'm not going to shit talk a dude like a hardass I hate it when girls do that. I was just saying it, you really didnt need to react like that, I thought you and him both were wrong argueing on a forum, It was just stupid. Calling you out and bashing you are 2 completely different things, and its really ignorant that you dont think there is a difference. I just think that if youre above him and the things he does, don't stoop to his level, if you truely are better than that, then good, but I just thought you were being really really lame. Chill the fuck out. I didn't think you were gonna reply in the first place but apparently you take things personally easily. You seem like a funny guy, and I didnt personally bash you for those reasons, really just thought that if someone like him wants to freak out fuck em but you were acting like it was some kinda game across this whole thread and it seemed pretty annoying. Calm yourself, I wasnt attacking you.
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