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Default Re: What's this all about?

Originally Posted by Myu-to View Post

I get it now. If you wear yellow and red it will make people think of hot dogs. And, if those people happen to be zombies or Kirstie Alley, then this is not a good thing for you.

Also, that wearing boots with heels and biker shorts is completely acceptable whilst listening to rapping puppets.

Thank you again, I have a much greater understanding of the universe now. Now I know what Connor McCleod felt like after he won the final battle, and reached the ultimate quickening.
I'm overwhelmed with joy that it was easy to get, I feel like I did a good deed today. I'm so glad I could help. Kirstie Alley, that would definitely not be a good thing for you. (Ahahaha that cracked me the fuck up.)
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