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Default Re: Why have'nt they released HSCPT1 yet?

For me, there is 100% another HSC album. It was always the intention to release two different albums. I can't believe this is still being debated. They have confirmed it on numerous occasions. The only joke they played was to call the Part One - that they intended to release in 2009 - Part Two in 2011 after it had been spruced up. Again, I cannot believe people are still confused by this, although perhaps that was the intention. But seriously - THEY HAD ENOUGH SONGS FOR TWO SEPARATE ALBUMS AND INTENDED TO RELEASE TWO SEPARATE ALBUMS.

On another (but related) note, I too would still love to hear the pre-Zdar mix of Part Two (aka the originally slated Part One) in all its glory. To get a hold of that glorious cover would also be nice, although a physical release seems a ridiculously far-fetched notion. I am also under the impression that no copies were actually ever pressed. But I'd take a leak for sure if possible. Never had a problem with the original production from the tracks we heard, it seemed deliberately murky to me as opposed to incompetence. Not sure how people can just assume that Zdar improve the whole thing - the muddy sound may well have complemented the many tracks we haven't heard the original mixes of, and besides - it's all a matter of personal preference anyway.

Never liked the newer version of TMR, but not sure you can really compare it to the former in a mixing sense - it's basically a different song! I suppose the drums / most the vocals are the same. Zdar would have had to have re-mixed the original version for any true comparison though. So really, all we have to go on is B-Boy's in the Cut, Pop Your Balloon, and Here's A Little....

Anyway, I would obviously froth at the unreleased HSC material should it ever see the light of day - it was a great and creative final period for the group - but I'll gladly take the original Part One to soothe me over otherwise. I'd certainly take either of those two options over endless stoner jams from the 90s. I think they ended up on the cutting room for a reason. But most of all I'm just grateful to have such an immense back catalogue to enjoy for the rest of my life.

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