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Default Re: whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?!?!?!

Jesus probly gives a fuck... And people who love 311 and Beastie Boys give a fuck too I guess. Both.. i mean all are "very near and dear to my heart.. " -sorry i think that was Julia Roberts that popped in

so maybe one day we'll all come together and "get high".. Austin Power's finger quote signs.. haha
Anyway time's ticking...

i need a detective to find all my past friends, make some new ones, and i need my biz to get going but this world sucks and sucks and sucks more and more... here ya go.. "bail out" by dj rogers i'm still here i'm just saying. (i think mike d played that song on little radio that i'm pulling from..)

Big ups to Beasties for the little radio show with all kinds of eclectic mind-blowing beauty and good laughs i listen on my thumb drive in the car and can't get enough but all the best folks. love yall even you microdic

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