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Arrow Re: Beastie boys in Mojo magazine March 2020 edition

Originally Posted by Extra Cheese View Post
"moved hip-hop somewhere new"

this is where I think PB gets overrated now. Not in terms of the music cuz it is a classic album but as being the go to album referred to for taking sampling and hip hop to a new direction when 3 feet high and rising and nation of millions came out before PB
I hear what you're saying. There were definitely other records that were comparably influential. Still, hard to say 3ft High is anything other than existing in tandem with Paul's Boutique. They were being made at the same time unbnownst to one another. Nation of Millions is pretty different as far as the techniques. Far more chopped up. Equally dope. They have things in common but are all different styles. Gotta give the nod to all 3.
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