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Default Re: Beastie Boys SNL

Originally Posted by Micodin View Post
i have it on a dvd-r. iíll look for it.
*EDIT* i found it. i only have the performances, i don't have the skits. i'm ripping it to my computer right now.
*EDIT* i just uploaded them to my Dropbox. hmu if you want the links.

yes dont name it if you put it up on vimeo or yt - it keeps getting taken down

Originally Posted by brooklyndust View Post
Ad Rock also flips off the camera during ricky's theme and then destroys his guitar after Heart Attack Man. One of my favourite performances of all time.

This appearance - the two performances - showcase and crystallize Beastie Boys at their peak - imho. This was everything to me as a kid

As a representation of rock... punk energy mixed with the 'fuck you' of hip hop - one of the greatest of all time.
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