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Default Re: Anthology Pt. 2

Id include nice hi-res studio tracks of:

-Shadrach (Soul Train studio track)
-I'm Down
-Fight for your right with the extra verse
-Full Clout
-The Jerry Lewis
-Pretty much all Pauls Boutique demos and any other tracks they have with different vocal takes
-Run DMC & Beastie Boys radio spots
-The Mix Up Pt2 with vocals
Lily Allen, Jarvis Cocker and MIA are among the acts set to lay down vocals over Beastie Boys music, it was reported today.

According to Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch, the band are in discussions with a variety of artists who will put vocals on a new version of their recently-released instrumental album ‘The Mix-Up’.

Speaking to, Yauch said the aforementioned acts will be involved, and “a bunch of British people” and described the concept as “like a different version of the album, with a bunch of people guesting on it.”

He also said they may put together Super 8 footage filmed on this tour to make a movie-version of the album, saying “While we were in Singapore we filmed stuff, and in Australia and different places. We’re talking about cutting it together into a full-length film that kinda goes the length of the album.”
- Intergalactic (Original version)
- In A World Gone Mad
- This Government Needs A Tune Up
- Radio,Radio ft Elvis Costello (live on SNL)
- Biscuits and Butter
- Nothing To Say
- Dont Play No Game That I Cant Win
- Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament

Something that shows the demos, alternative versions, showcase studio tracks since the last Anthology.... One can dream.

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