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If were in the realms of fantasy, Id also include The Scenario. And of course as much HSC-era unreleased material as possible.

Also: I watched the Anthology DVD from start to finish the other day. Id say that has been an annual ritual for the past 18 years (not including the first 2 years of release where I basically consumed both discs weekly).

Anyway, Ive always thought it was ahead of its time and damn, even if it came out today, it would be seen as a great release that fully utilises the format. The videos / music speaks for itself, but so many cool additional options That said, I like to play them without the supplements in the normal, in sequence feature as the 5.1 is so ridiculously good. Its still the best audio for me for a number of tracks. Ahead of any remasters and vinyl since. Those DVDs through a good surround system - fuck, it blows me away every time.

It got me thinking how cool it would be to have every Beasties video released on an updated Criterion release in similar fashion. Never going to happen, and not sure how it could really without Yauchs input, but one can dream. Also there is a shit tonne of videos when you think about it. Triple DVD anyone?

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