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Default Re: Why I dislike the new album

Originally Posted by yetti_n_wa
See...I love when people speak their minds and share their viewpoints on something important. I don't like politics either! However, if someone feels so strongly about something they should express it if they so chose. Though, I do not like when people express themselves in a way where they force or try to persuade others to think like them.

I like the fact that TT5B, is an album about expressing yourself in an open and (freedom of choice) manner. I may agree with how the Beasties go about expressing themselves and using unnecessary examples.

I am just happy with the fact they are sending more stimulating rap in the world! Though, I do and don't like hearing the politics. See it may not offend much what their views are on some things because I may agree. However, they are things I may not agree with and is put off by! So, I can see how this may come into play because I can look at it from both angles.

Honestly, I rather hear beasties talk about real life matters and issues. Then, bit$&%& and hoe$ like SNoop Dogg. He has to be the most stupid, ignorant, whorish, backwards, low on vocab ba$tard I have seen in my life.

His so pathetic, that I don't think he can even stand himself. That is why he is an anoexric bitc^. Afterall, even he calls himself a dog and a ni@@er.

Firstly get a day job. You talk to much about shit, get a Job on 4 corners or something. You make a good point about snoop dog and you made me laugh.
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