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Default Re: New Colored Vinyl Reissues

Originally Posted by tuc70021 View Post
You could also just place separate orders of 2 Root Downs and try to get all 4..... I think. I haven't tried it, but I might soon. Will report back!

On to some other topics...

Has anyone heard anything else about these releases? Who is pressing them? Why this selection of records but not CYH and HN?

At first I was like "Damn, seems like just a money grab." Then I remembered the 2009 remasters came out 10 years ago.....yikes. Time flies!
You could place 2 orders for Root Down without the tees and have equal chances, unless the bundle version is different than the later release.

I inquired as to other pressings and country of origin. I'll let you know what I find, but generally we fans usually end up clarifying that in the end.

I think the theory on what to repress when is tied to anniversaries as in...
Paul's Boutique 30 year anniversary
Ill Communication 25 year anniversary
Root Down 25 year anniversary (although the single wasn't released until 95)
To The 5 Burroughs 15 year anniversary

If that is the case, you could expect reissues of...
Licensed To Ill 35th anniversary in 2022
Check Your Head 30th anniversary in 2022
The Mix Up 15th anniversary in 2022
Hello Nasty 30th anniversary in 2023
and so on and so forth

And just to highlight... It was super-duper-uncool-as-fuck for Kings Road Merch to send me an email on 8/16/19 at 11:52 AM announcing the reissues, then check back today and see that everything was discounted 20% AND there is free shipping. As In if I had waited 3 days I could have saved $208.80. I guess we always hurt the ones we love.
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