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Lightbulb i am JOKING but geez man - get a new woman if you're so riled up.

all turdburglar wants to do is generalise. that's it. that's all.

if you do anything with turd there's always some sort of massive offensive generalisation involving the opposite sex involved.

if you go to the mall with turd. he stares at girls' asses and will not quit. he's trying to walk with his throbbing erection but it throws him off balance. he wants to tug it but it's ALL THE FUCKING SAME. all he wants is to get some ass god damn it!

go to a cock, uh.. cook out.. generalise. all you want to do is have the same cognitive capacities as a man! what the turd does is get a chair, places it as close to the female species as possible, and observe, documentarian-like, like david attenborough without the oxbridge education. that's all he wants to do! define women all day! these are HIS women! not individuals! go shut your mouth bitch and bend over!

go to the beach.. generalise in the sun. all the turd wants to do is lay on the towel and leisurely masturbate all day. that's it. he doesn't want to go out and romp around in the waves baywatch slow motion stylee. he doesn't want to go on the boardwalk and buy you shit, because you're a woman and you want sparkly things, right? bitch you don't earn your own money?! he doesn't want to go and walk out on the jetty. he doesn't want to appreciate fine marine life, because you know turd is a huge animal and nature lover. doesn't it come across in his sensitive affectionate nature? he's imagining kim kardashian getting washed up like a whale butt nekkid. YES! all he wants to do is lay there in the sun and concentrate on his looks!!!!!!! EXCLAMATION MARKS! and force you to do the same! NO! you know how long i sweated in this car to drive you here? build a fucking sand sculpture of your tits or something! christ! it's fucking TURD! C'MON!!!!

go to a street fair.. generalise and be negative around a bunch of hummus eating bike riding hippies. oh wait!

go on a hike.. all he wants to do is find some place where you can be mute and ride his dick and just go home! suck my log baby!

and if he doesn't get that ass he wants. his day is ruined. what the fuck!

she's a pearl of a girl, i guess that's what you might say

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