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Default Re: all females want to do is cuddle. that's it. that's all.

Originally Posted by TurdBerglar View Post
if you do anything with a female there's always some sort of cuddling in involved.

if you go to the mall with a girl. she latches on to that arm instantly and does not let go for anything. you're there trying to walk because she's like half a foot shorter than you and throwing you all off balance. she fucking tugs you into all these fucking stores that are ALL THE FUCKING SAME. all i wanted to do was get some shoes god damn it!

go to a cook out.... tries to cuddle you. all you do at cook outs is sit in lawn chairs, eat burgers, shoot the shit and drink beers. what the girl does is gets a lawn chair and places it as close to yours as possible or worse yet tries to sit on your lap and just sits there with her head on your shoulder. that's all she wants to do! these are YOUR group of friends! not even mine! go chit chat with them instead of just sitting there next to me all fucking day!

go to the beach.... tries to cuddle you in the blazing sun. all the girl wants to do is lay on the towel with you all day. that's it. she doesn't want to go and romp around in the waves. she doesn't want to go on the boardwalk(only if she thinks you're gonna buy her something). she doesn't want to go and walk out onto the jetty. she doesn't want to go check out the tidal pools during low tide and poke at all the little craps and snails and starfish(hahaha! poke her starfish!). NO! all the she wants to do is lay in the sun and cook(need to get that perfect tan!!!!!!!!!) and wants you to do the same. NO! we just spent two and a half hours in a car to get here! let's go play! play in the waves! lets go do something! christ!
it's the fucking BEACH! C'MON!!!

go to a street fair... all she wants to do is street cuddle(similar to mall cuddling) around a bunch of weirdos that smell like patruli oil and have hemp braided into their hair.

go on a hike.... all she wants to do is find some quiet place in the woods and sit on some fallen log and log cuddle you!(cuddle my log baby)

and if she doesn't get that cuddle she wants. then she feels her day was ruined. what the fuck!
fuck her in the face.

tell her to cuddle that.
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